LATEST GOs and RC No.s

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Daily Updates

Rc.286,Access to schooling – Providing transport facility to children for the year 2013-14 – certain guidelines,Dist wise approved budget

Rc.197,computer operators and staff in model schools through agencies

Rc.293,Providing computers ,furniture to UP Schools( Above 100 roll )

UGC Clarification on Vinayaka Mission Deemed University Status in AP

Rc.132-SSC Advance Supplementary Duty from 17th May to HS HMs and Preservation of ELs

GO.138 13 June-Dearness Relief to Pensioners w.e.f 1st Jan 2013

GO.136 11th June-New DA @54.784 w.e.f 1st Jan 2013

Rc.1485 4th June-Identification of Teachers for Work Adjustment to Teacher Less schools

Rc.111,dt12/6/13,TOT training to CAL school tchers at Dr.MCRHRD, Trining period duration is 6 days in each spell.

Rc.945-Sanction of School Grants, Maintenance Grants to Schools for 2013-14

Education Fortnight circuler in TELUGU…

Cir no.766.dT.31/5/13,Duties and Responsibilities assigned to Mandal MIS Co-ordinators with regard to maintenance of books of accounts etc..

Rc.478,Dt.30/5/13, I. E Activities,organising of physiotherapy camps from 15/6/

Cir.No.355 ,Dt.27/5/13 – Education Fortnight Acitivities during 2013-14

Educational Fortnight Guidelines 2013-14

Rc.574-Dt.24/5/13,Engaging Community Mobilizers during June-August

Rc.834 -Instructions for FAC arrangements for the Post of DY.EOs


Rc.393,Dt.17/5/13,o all CRPs, MandaI and District MIS Coordinators, MEOs,Sectoral Officers on 23.5.13 between 10am to 1pm 

Agenda of Teleconferance

Rc.1485 Dt 10-5-13-Clarification on Seniority of Inter District Transferred Teachers


GO.112 Dt 10-5-13 – Minimum Basic Pay for availing Motor Car Advance revised Rs.18030

Rc.766,Dt.10/5/13,One Day Tranning To Mandal MIS Co-ordinators on Accounting , Procurement & internal Audit

ership, standards and inclusiveEducation from 6 – 8 May, 2013 at SPO

  1. sukumar says:

    is it possible jump to non-teaching to teaching posts at same aided school completed Bed same school teachers posts r vaccant 9052235325

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