Posted: February 6, 2014 in Daily Updates

*GO.33 dt.04.02.14 Withdrawl of Resignation shall not be permitted after the resignation take effects.

*GO.33 dt.04.02.14 Regularization of Period of strike of Seemandhra Employees

*GO.112 dt.1.2.14 Norms of Billing and Utilizations of amounts recived by Govt Hospitals under EHS

*SSC Extracted Nominal Rolls March 2014

*Rc 31 dt.07.12.13 – 26th January Working day is changed to dt.30.3.14 in 13 Seemandhra Districts

*GO.79 dt.21.1.14 Constitution of Technical Committee to look into the cases where the cases the cost of  treatment exeeds Rs.2 Lakhs

*CCE Marks & Grades Ready Recknor


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